Release Builds of Snes9x EX (for ARM and x86 devices):

    • Android version for ARMv7 CPUs with OS 2.3+ (Snes9xEX-9-*.apk)

    • Android version for X86 CPUs with OS 4.0.3+ (Snes9xEX-15-*.apk)

    • iOS version 1.5.14, or install from Cydia via the BigBoss repository

Release Builds of Snes9x EX+ (Increased emulation accuracy but needs 1.5-2x more CPU power, for 1GHz+ ARM and x86 devices):

Obsolete Builds (For older devices or OS versions no longer supported in main builds)

    • Android version 1.5.1 for OS 2.0 to 2.2 with OpenGL ES 1.1 (Snes9xEX-5-1.5.1.apk)