PCE.emu is a PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 emulator based on Mednafen

About Save Games:

  • A standard .sav file is created for games using internal battery backup memory

  • Save states use Mednafen .mca file format, backup memory is overwritten when loading a state

PCE-specific Options:

  • System Actions -> Console Options

    • 6-button Gamepad: Enable with games such as Street Fighter II to use all 6 buttons, must be disabled for other games to avoid incorrect inputs

    • Arcade Card: Enable to properly run Arcade CD games, disable to save some memory

    • Visible Lines: Number of video lines to display, format is [starting line]+[total lines] so 11+224 will start on line 11 and display 224 lines from there

  • Options -> Video

    • Correct Line Aspect Ratio: Scale the video aspect ratio by (224 / total visible lines)