Changes for 1.3.30+ are here

Version 1.3.29 (2011.06.16):

    • PAL games now run in 50Hz auto-frameskip mode for proper timing. Just like FCEUX on the PC, the filename must contain (E), (F), (G), (I) to enable PAL.

    • Android: Properly detect Xperia Play and adjust default controls

    • Android: Volume buttons usable in key config, in-game volume control is not available when they are assigned to actions

    • Android: Detect HTC Desire devices running 2.2 and enable a special OpenGL hack to prevent lock-ups

    • iOS: Update iControlPad code to utilize new BTstack

    • iOS: Automatic file-permission fixing now working again

Version 1.3.28 (2011.06.09):

    • Additional on-screen control size/spacing settings, Button Stagger reworked to provide more possible layouts

    • Classic Controller and iControlPad analog controls now simulate mappable buttons

    • Android: Another Classic Controller detection fix

    • Android: Detect more possible key codes from USB gamepads

    • Android: Xperia Play defaults to a more appropriate button layout

Version 1.3.27 (2011.05.27):

    • Updated on-screen control graphics and additional positioning options

    • Show a preview of the on-screen controls when setting them up

Version 1.3.26 (2011.05.17):

    • Android: Fix Classic Controller detection

    • Android: Prevent accidental deletion of audio resources from Java VM

Version 1.3.25 (2011.05.07):

    • When the same key is bound to multiple actions, all actions are performed when pushed, previously only the first action was performed

    • Improved Bluetooth controller disconnection handling (on-screen controls re-appear when all Bluetooth devices disconnect)

    • Android: Message pop-ups for Bluetooth controller events

    • Android: Support the APPLE_texture_2D_limited_npot OpenGL extension

    • iOS: Fix iOS 3.x compatibility

    • WebOS: Numeric keys (2, 4, 6, 8) now act as directional buttons in menus

Version 1.3.24 (2011.05.01):

    • Improve auto-frameskip accuracy to prevent irregular speed on devices with refresh rates higher than 60Hz (G2x and others)

Version 1.3.23 (2011.04.21):

    • Reduce possible input lag when frame skipping

    • Added "Alt Gamepad Confirm" option, swaps the confirm/cancel buttons on Wiimotes and iControlPads in the menu

    • Fix some system-specific options not saving correctly

    • iOS: Retina display support

    • iOS: Resized icons to better match stock springboard look

    • iOS: Better audio buffer under-run detection

Version 1.3.22 (2011.04.14):

    • Implemented new Auto-frameskip method and made it the default option for most platforms. Constant 1-4 frameskip removed from Android & WebOS for now since they lack the needed sync methods for an accurate implementation.

    • Android: Prevent touch events from getting stuck when 3 touches end at the same time

    • Android: Don't animate rotation on Android 3.0 since the OS already does it

    • Android: Properly detect and use non-power-of-2 textures on Tegra devices like the Xoom

    • iOS: Non-game controls now properly saved

Version 1.3.21 (2011.04.01):

    • Added Classic Controller support for Wiimotes, note the default keys are optimized for stand-alone Wiimotes and must be changed for the Classic Controller

    • Added "auto" option to On-screen Controls, causing them to hide when the keyboard or bluetooth input is in use.

    • Added an exit option to the menu, quits the app directly without moving it to the background

    • Android: The center dpad button on devices like the Droid now confirms menu selections, the same key code is used as the X button on the Xperia Play

Version 1.3.19 (2011.03.26):

    • Android: App stays in the background when exiting using the Home button, use the Back button to quit

    • Android: Screen rotation is now handled by the Android OS to make it more compatible with system pop-ups, certain phone keyboards, and Android 3.0 tablets. Auto is now the default rotation mode and respects any OS settings. A drawback is that rotations are slightly slower and cause the emulator to skip but this is an OS limitation.

    • Android: Enabled Direct Texture by default on all PowerVR SGX model GPUs

    • Android: Enabled Apps2SD

    • Android: Increased recognized multi-touch points from 2 to 3 (requires device support)

    • WebOS: Better audio buffering and lower latency

    • Added an 8.5mm button size

    • Symbolic links in the file browser are handled correctly (for example, /sdcard appears on Android devices)

    • Other small optimizations

Version 1.3.16 (2011.03.17):

    • Controls for the keyboard, Wiimotes, and the iControlPad can now be set individually

    • Android: More key-types are recognized by the keyboard configuration, including game controls on newer devices like the Xperia Play

    • Page-up/down commands for Wiimotes and iCP for faster menu scrolling

    • Separate options for game and menu orientation

    • Fix the B turbo button not saving properly

    • iOS: Fix incorrect file permissions automatically

Version 1.3.15 (2011.03.03):

    • Added a fast scrolling mode for menus that are at least 3x the height of the screen. Start dragging from the right edge to activate. It functions similar to a scrollbar on a PC OS.

    • Fixed iControlPad detection on iOS & Android

    • iOS: Added a few more connection/error messages for Bluetooth devices

Version 1.3.14 (2011.03.02):

    • iOS: Fixed pairing issue with an iControlPad

    • iOS: Faster Bluetooth scanning when other non-input devices present & error pop-ups in case of connection errors

Version 1.3.13 (2011.02.28):

    • Added "Input/Player Mapping" menu option to set different input devices to specific players. Possible devices include the touch screen, keyboard, Wiimotes, and the iControlPad, depending on which OS you use.

    • Added support for the iControlPad Bluetooth gamepad on iOS and Android. Use the "Scan for Wiimotes/iCP" menu command to pair with it. It's also possible to pair with Wiimotes at the same time if all devices are discoverable at the time of the scan.

Version 1.3.12 (2011.02.18):

    • On-screen Controller improvements: More button sizes and alpha settings. Extended bounding area for face buttons, especially vertically, making them easier to push. The area in between counts as both buttons pushed at once.

    • Zapper/Gun support: Touch screen to fire, touch & hold outside of display area to simulate firing away from the TV.

    • Added Input Ports option: allows you to select what input devices are connected to the NES. Auto tries to guess between gamepads or a zapper in the correct port depending on the game loaded. In case auto-detection fails, set your input devices manually.

    • Added 4-player support option: allows you to connect/disconnect the NES 4-player adapter.

    • Pushing Start with a VS UniSystem game loaded inserts a coin

    • Removed some incorrect PAL detection code, games will play but with sped up audio currently. Please use only NTSC roms until proper support is in place.

    • Android: The Direct Texture option is now off by default unless your device's GPU is white-listed (currently only the PowerVR SGX 530). It's still possible to turn it on manually on other GPUs, and the setting is now saved.

    • iOS: Fixed some problems with the audio back-end. Resolves situations where the audio stops until entering/exiting the menu.

    • WebOS: Added an ARMv6 build for Palm Pixi compatibility.

Version 1.3.11 (2011.02.09):

    • Initial release, contains core feature set from PCE.emu 1.3.11