NEO.emu is a Neogeo emulator based on a highly modified version of GnGeo

Important Note: Make sure to use Neogeo zipped rom sets from a recent MAME set like 0.144 and higher. Do not use sets from Neorage or FBA since they are not 100% compatible. Also do not unzip or rename any game files.

Initial Setup:

Neogeo-specific Options:


    Q: I'm stuck with 4 credits, how do I insert more?

    A: When in console (AES) mode, you can't insert more credits just like the real Neogeo system. If you push start+select to access the Universe BIOS menu, most games have infinite life/credit cheats listed. Alternatively, to switch into arcade (MVS) mode: open the app menu, change the setting under Unibios Switches, and reset the game. Now push the select button to insert as many credits as you like.

Compatibility List (All sets were tested from MAME 0.144, larger ones require devices with at least 512MB of memory):

Needed BIOS Files (number in parentheses is CRC-32): If you wish to remove unused files in your, these are the exact files currently needed by NEO.emu