The Linux versions are developed on Gentoo and use the following dynamic libraries that should be present on your system:

    • X Server with XInput 2 extension (libX11, libXi)

    • Graphics rendering via GLX with OpenGL 1.2 (libGL), or EGL with OpenGL ES 1.0 (libEGL, libGLESv1_CM)

    • libpng (libpng16)

    • ALSA (libasound)

    • Minizip, from zlib (libminizip)

    • BlueZ (libbluetooth)

    • Freetype (libfreetype)

    • Fontconfig (libfontconfig)

    • DBUS (libdbus-1)

    • GLIBC 2.8+

    • some apps use the C++ runtime from GCC 4.8+ (libstdc++)

OS-specific Features:

    • Drag & Drop: Drag a directory into the window to open a file menu at that location, or drag a supported file type to open it.

    • Multi-pointer: Supports multiple master mouse pointers that interact with the app simultaneously, mainly used to test the on-screen controller

    • Full-screen: Push alt-enter to toggle, does not change your existing screen mode

    • DBUS: Runs as a single instance and accepts certain DBUS commands to load directories and files (see source)

    • Logging: Debug versions print to stdout, use this to check for any errors if the non-debug versions don't work


    • Meant for "portable installations" and not suitable for multi-user installs in /usr for example since configuration is stored in app's directory

    • Fontconfig setup is hardcoded to check for a primary "Sans" font and a secondary font containing Japanese characters (Fixed in 1.5.11)

    • No event device support for joysticks, all input events must come through XInput or in-app Bluetooth support (Fixed in 1.5.11)

    • Bluetooth is hardcoded to the first adaptor on the system

    • ALSA is hardcoded to the "default" device

    • No audio input frequency control, so using a fixed frameskip needs an exact 60Hz display to prevent audio artifacts

General Controls:

    • Arrow Keys : Navigate menus (Up & Down), Left to go up a directory in file picker, Right to select highlighted entry

    • Escape : Cancel selection

    • Return : Select highlighted entry

    • Menu : Open/close the main menu

    • Mouse Wheel : Scroll menus

    • Click top-right corner in-game: open the main menu (configure in Options -> Input -> On-screen Config)