MD.emu is a Genesis/Mega Drive emulator based on a highly modified fork of Genesis Plus

About Save Games:

  • A .srm file is created for games with battery backup, currently stored as little endian by default but this will change in a future update for compatibility with other emulators

  • Save states use Genesis Plus .gp file format, backup memory is overwritten when loading a state

MD-specific Options:

  • System Actions -> Console Options

    • 6-button Gamepad: Enable with games such as Street Fighter II to use all 6 buttons

    • 4-Player Adapter: Enable to play 4-player games such as Bomberman, disable on all others

  • Options -> System

    • Use Big-Endian SRAM: Save .srm files in the native 68000 CPU byte order, this will be the default in a future update