NES.emu is an NES/Famicom emulator based on fceux


  • When using VS UniSystem, push Start to insert coins

  • When using Zapper/Gun, touch screen to fire, touch & hold outside of display area to simulate firing away from the TV

About Save Games:

  • For ROM-based games, a standard .sav file is created for those with battery backup

  • For Disk System games, an .fds.sav is created if a write is detected on the disk. This file is an exact copy of the original disk with the modified data so the original remains untouched and is used automatically upon loading the game afterwards.

  • Save states use FCEUX .fcs file format, backup memory is overwritten when loading a state

NES-specific Options:

  • System Actions -> Console Options

    • Input Ports: Set the input device used or Auto to pick based on an internal ROM database

    • 4-Player Adapter: Enable to play 4-player games such as Bomberman, disable on all others

    • Frameskip Mode: Whether to fully emulate the PPU when frame skipping, leave on Fast unless the current game glitches when fast forwarding

    • Visible Lines: Number of video lines to display, format is [starting line]+[total lines] so 8+224 will start on line 8 and display 224 lines from there

    • Crop 8 Pixels On Sides: Used to hide the "loading seam" on certain games when scrolling horizontally

  • Options -> Video

    • Sprite Limit: Whether sprites are limited per line like on real hardware, disabling can reduce flickering but may cause incorrect visuals on certain games

    • Correct Line Aspect Ratio: Scale the video aspect ratio by (224 / total visible lines)