GBC.emu is a Gameboy Color emulator based on Gambatte

About Save Games:

  • A .sav file is created for games with battery backup memory

  • Save states use Gambatte .gqs file format, backup memory is overwritten when loading a state

GBC-specific Options:

  • System Actions -> Console Options

    • Use Built-in GB Palettes: Use preset palettes for known DMG games

    • Report Hardware As GBA: Simulate running in GB mode on a GBA, used to unlock extra features in a small amount of games

  • Options -> Video

    • GB Palette: Select a palette to use with DMG games

    • Saturated GBC Color: Use a more saturated but inaccurate palette for GBC colors

  • Options -> Audio

    • Resampler: Type of resampler used to convert internal GB sample rate, higher quality settings incur additional CPU usage