Saved Games:

Q: I tried to copy a new SRAM/battery save file (.sav, .srm, etc.) but the game still shows the old save contents.

A: When using autosave states (the default) on most systems, SRAM is usually loaded from the state itself. As a result, you should temporarily disable loading the autosave state under the system options or delete the autosave state file as you replace the SRAM file. Once the game performs a clean boot from the beginning your new save contents should appear.

File Access:

Q: On Android TV I get an error when selecting Browse For Folder in the file browser

A: Some Android TV devices don't include the OS document picker which is needed to grant folder permissions for the apps on Android 11+. As an alternative, use the App Media Folder which is supported on all devices and is created at Android/media/[app package name]. Move any emulator files into that folder with a file manager so the app can access them without any special permissions.