Imagine is a multi-platform game/multimedia engine written in C++23 released under the GPLv3 license.


    • Core platform support for Linux (with X server), Android (using the NDK), iOS 3.1+

    • Fully event-driven architecture using C++11 lambdas as callbacks

    • Timers with nano-second precision

    • Thread primitives

    • OpenGL context management

    • GPU-accelerated rendering (backends for OpenGL and OpenGL ES)

    • Optimized support for video textures written to each frame

    • PCM audio playback

    • IO & file system support, including ZIP, RAR, & 7Z archive file access

    • Input handling, including multi-touch and multiple device support

    • PNG image loading

    • Truetype font rendering

    • Basic GUI toolkit supporting widgets like lists and alerts

    • Internal drivers for accessing Wiimotes, iControlPads, and Zeemotes on platforms with Bluetooth backends


    • Latest source is available under /imagine on Github