Atmel Flash Utility

This is a small utility for flashing Atmel chips over an RFCOMM Bluetooth connection, with specfic support for the iControlPad. The command-line version is named iCP Flasher and currently runs on Linux (uses BlueZ), MacOS X, and Windows (MS Bluetooth stack). There is a re-written GUI version named iControlPad Update available for Android (ARM & x86) and iOS which will be ported to PC platforms in the future.

iCP Flasher Downloads:

    • Version 1.0 (includes pre-built x86_64 binary and iControlPad 1.0.1 firmware)

    • Version 1.1 (adds Mac support, pre-built binaries for Linux x86/x86_64 and Mac x86, iControlPad 1.0.1a firmware)

    • Version 1.2 (adds Windows support, support for older MacOS versions, updated pre-built binaries)