MSX.emu is an MSX computer and Colecovision emulator based on blueMSX

Initial Setup (Only needed to run disk images or Coleco ROMs):

  • Download the file below

  • Unzip to any folder on your device

  • Select the MSX.emu folder via Options -> File Paths -> BIOS -> Select Folder

  • You can add/edit additional machine definitions from blueMSX as needed

About Saved Data:

  • Any data written to floppy disks is saved if the disk isn't zipped

  • Save states use blueMSX .sta file format, the machine type and current IO devices are saved and must all be present when the state is loaded

MSX-specific Options:

  • System Actions

    • ROM/Disk Control: Insert/eject various media files, including special ROMs like an SCC sound cart or IDE controller

  • Options -> System

    • Fast-forward Disk IO: Automatically activate fast-forward mode to hide disk loading times

    • Default Machine Type: The MSX/Coleco model to use when first opening new content