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Changes for 1.3.30+ are here

Version 1.3.29 (2011.06.16):
  • Initial Super Scope support, enable in the options and touch screen to fire, touch off-screen to push Cursor button
  • SNES input devices like the Super Scope & Multitap are added/removed in mid-game now, no need to reset the system.
  • Android: Properly detect Xperia Play and adjust default controls
  • Android: Volume buttons usable in key config, in-game volume control is not available when they are assigned to actions
  • Android: Detect HTC Desire devices running 2.2 and enable a special OpenGL hack to prevent lock-ups
  • iOS: Update iControlPad code to utilize new BTstack
  • iOS: Automatic file-permission fixing now working again
Version 1.3.28 (2011.06.09):
  • Additional on-screen control size/spacing settings, Button Stagger reworked to provide more possible layouts
  • Classic Controller and iControlPad analog controls now simulate mappable buttons
  • Android: Another Classic Controller detection fix
  • Android: Detect more possible key codes from USB gamepads
  • Android: Xperia Play defaults to a more appropriate button layout
Version 1.3.27 (2011.05.27):
  • Updated on-screen control graphics and additional positioning options
  • Show a preview of the on-screen controls when setting them up
Version 1.3.26 (2011.05.17):
  • Android: Fix Classic Controller detection
  • Android: Prevent accidental deletion of audio resources from Java VM
Version 1.3.25 (2011.05.07):
  • PAL games are adapted to 60fps at the correct audio rate
  • When the same key is bound to multiple actions, all actions are performed when pushed, previously only the first action was performed
  • Improved Bluetooth controller disconnection handling (on-screen controls re-appear when all Bluetooth devices disconnect)
  • Android: Message pop-ups for Bluetooth controller events
  • Android: Support the APPLE_texture_2D_limited_npot OpenGL extension
  • iOS: Fix iOS 3.x compatibility
  • WebOS: Numeric keys (2, 4, 6, 8) now act as directional buttons in menus
Version 1.3.24 (2011.05.01):
  • Improve auto-frameskip accuracy to prevent irregular speed on devices with refresh rates higher than 60Hz (G2x and others)
Version 1.3.23 (2011.04.21):
  • Reduce possible input lag when frame skipping
  • Added "Alt Gamepad Confirm" option, swaps the confirm/cancel buttons on Wiimotes and iControlPads in the menu
  • Fix some system-specific options not saving correctly
  • iOS: Retina display support
  • iOS: Resized icons to better match stock springboard look
  • iOS: Better audio buffer under-run detection
Version 1.3.22 (2011.04.14):
  • Implemented new Auto-frameskip method and made it the default option for most platforms. Constant 1-4 frameskip removed from Android & WebOS for now since they lack the needed sync methods for an accurate implementation.
  • Android: Prevent touch events from getting stuck when 3 touches end at the same time
  • Android: Don't animate rotation on Android 3.0 since the OS already does it
  • Android: Properly detect and use non-power-of-2 textures on Tegra devices like the Xoom
  • iOS: Non-game controls now properly saved
Version 1.3.21 (2011.04.01):
  • Small optimizations to the CPU emulation
  • Display .sfc, .fig, and .1 rom formats in file browser
  • Added "auto" option to On-screen Controls, causing them to hide when the keyboard or bluetooth input is in use.
  • Added an exit option to the menu, quits the app directly without moving it to the background
  • Android: The center dpad button on devices like the Droid now confirms menu selections, the same key code is used as the X button on the Xperia Play
  • iOS: Added Classic Controller support for Wiimotes
Version 1.3.20 (2011.03.28):
  • Fixed blank display with games using the 239 line mode such as Tetris & Dr. Mario (bug introduced in 1.3.19)
  • Android: Added Classic Controller support for Wiimotes and changed default button mappings to utilize it, see Android platform notes for updated controls
Version 1.3.19 (2011.03.26):
  • Android: App stays in the background when exiting using the Home button, use the Back button to quit
  • Android: Screen rotation is now handled by the Android OS to make it more compatible with system pop-ups, certain phone keyboards, and Android 3.0 tablets. Auto is now the default rotation mode and respects any OS settings. A drawback is that rotations are slightly slower and cause the emulator to skip but this is an OS limitation.
  • Android: Enabled Direct Texture by default on all PowerVR SGX model GPUs
  • Android: Enabled Apps2SD
  • Android: Increased recognized multi-touch points from 2 to 3 (requires device support)
  • WebOS: Better audio buffering and lower latency
  • Added an 8.5mm button size
  • Symbolic links in the file browser are handled correctly (for example, /sdcard appears on Android devices)
  • Other small optimizations
Version 1.3.18 (2011.03.20):
  • iOS: fix a crash with the Backgrounder extension
  • iOS: correct behavior when fixing incorrect file permissions
Version 1.3.17 (2011.03.17):
  • Fix an un-initialized variable causing certain games like Chrono Trigger and Mario World to freeze if they're loaded after first on app startup.
Version 1.3.16 (2011.03.16):
  • Initial release