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  • The core emulation is based on Yabause and can load cue/iso/bin files
  • This app is considered beta and unsupported, do not report any issues for the time being
  • Sound is disabled by default but is supported
  • If the default auto-frameskip mode runs very slowly on your device, consider using a fixed frameskip which runs the game in slow-motion but offers better input responsiveness
  • Dynarec for the SH CPUs is supported and enabled by default on Android & WebOS. When switching between SH modes, the setting is applied upon the next game launched, resetting a game in progress continues to use the current SH core. Currently this setting isn't saved.
  • Save states are incompatible between the SH dynarec/interpreter and will crash if loaded in the incorrect mode
  • The app doesn't have an icon so you'll see a generic one for now

For donations, see funding page.


Q: On iOS, I extracted the directory into /Applications and the icon appears on the SpringBoard, but doesn't launch the app

A: The file permissions on the executables were lost due to the method you used to extract or copy the archive. To fix them, run the following commands when logged in over SSH as root:
  • cd /Applications/
  • chmod 755 saturnemu