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The WebOS versions run on Palm Pre/Pixi phones (Pre is recommended). Install the Remove Tap Locator patch from Preware for using the on-screen controls or else applying rapid touches to the screen may cause frame rate issues.

You need write access to /media/internal for save game functionality unless you run the games from within the app's install directory. There's a bug in WebOS 1.4.5 if you updated OTA and you'll need the Emergency Fstab Fixer installed from Preware to fix write permissions. You can also use WebOS Doctor to re-install 1.4.5 which also fixes the issue (make sure you backup your data beforehand just in case).

General Controls:
  • Sym : open/close the main menu
  • Back gesture : Go back in menus
  • Touch top-right corner : open the main menu (configure in Options -> Input -> On-screen Config)