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Source Downloads:
  • Latest source and instructions are available on Github

Test Builds:

Occasionally you'll find pre-release builds here. Please report any device-related issues (including incorrect image rendering, crashes, and input problems) either via email or using Github

Feature Roadmap:
  • Core Engine
    • OpenGL 3.0+ renderer for GPU shader support, switchable at load-time from the OpenGL 1.2 renderer (added in 1.5.16)
    • OpenGL ES 2.0+ renderer based off above, switchable at compile-time from the OpenGL ES 1.0 renderer (added in 1.5.16)
    • Generic Bluetooth HID driver for iOS for keyboards/gamepads
    • Multi-screen support (phone/tablet LCD & external HDMI output for example, with different content on each screen) (added in 1.5.20)
    • Full-screen view size adjustment to handle TVs with overscan (added in 1.5.13)
    • PulseAudio back-end for Linux port (added in 1.5.16)
    • Windows & MacOS port
  • Common Emulator Framework
    • Improved game browsing (with screenshots or icons)
    • More compression formats (.7z, .rar, etc.) (added in 1.5.30)
    • Browse archives with multiple ROMs
    • Basic file management (create directories, move & delete files)
    • Per-game and global options (added in 1.5.38)
    • More default USB/Bluetooth controller profiles
    • On-demand SRAM saving for all systems to reduce risk of data loss if the OS force closes the app
    • Improved save-state and SRAM management
    • Better on-screen control customization (custom skins, etc.)
    • Additional video filters & effects
    • Multiple vibration levels for haptic feedback
    • Audio mixing rate fine-tuning for non-60Hz screens (added in 1.5.27)
    • Save-state rewinding
    • Slow-motion mode
    • Movie recording/playback
    • Netplay between multiple devices
  • C64
    • Other system derivatives (C16/Plus4, etc.)
    • Compressed file loading (added in 1.5.30)
  • GBA
    • Tilt controls
    • System link cable
    • Joybus Link
  • GBC
    • Tilt controls
    • System link cable
  • MD
    • Improved SegaCD compatibility
    • Additional audio track formats (.mp3, etc.)
  • NEO
    • Support additional encrypted games
  • PCE
    • Correct handling for games using multiple line widths per frame (added in 1.5.16)
    • Additional audio track formats (.mp3, etc.)
  • SNES
    • Native mouse input on devices that support USB/Bluetooth mice
Emulator back-ends use components from following projects: