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Changes for 1.3.30+ are here

Version 1.3.29 (2011.06.16):
  • Android: Properly detect Xperia Play and adjust default controls
  • Android: Volume buttons usable in key config, in-game volume control is not available when they are assigned to actions
  • Android: Detect HTC Desire devices running 2.2 and enable a special OpenGL hack to prevent lock-ups
  • iOS: Update iControlPad code to utilize new BTstack
  • iOS: Automatic file-permission fixing now working again
Version 1.3.28 (2011.06.09):
  • Additional on-screen control size/spacing settings, Button Stagger reworked to provide more possible layouts
  • Classic Controller and iControlPad analog controls now simulate mappable buttons
  • Android: Another Classic Controller detection fix
  • Android: Detect more possible key codes from USB gamepads
  • Android: Xperia Play defaults to a more appropriate button layout
Version 1.3.27 (2011.05.27):
  • Updated on-screen control graphics and additional positioning options
  • Show a preview of the on-screen controls when setting them up
Version 1.3.26 (2011.05.17):
  • Android: Fix Classic Controller detection
  • Android: Prevent accidental deletion of audio resources from Java VM
Version 1.3.25 (2011.05.07):
  • Added "GB Palette" option, select from a number of color palettes for use with original GB games. "Gray" was the previous default.
  • When the same key is bound to multiple actions, all actions are performed when pushed, previously only the first action was performed
  • Improved Bluetooth controller disconnection handling (on-screen controls re-appear when all Bluetooth devices disconnect)
  • Android: Message pop-ups for Bluetooth controller events
  • Android: Support the APPLE_texture_2D_limited_npot OpenGL extension
  • iOS: Fix iOS 3.x compatibility
  • WebOS: Numeric keys (2, 4, 6, 8) now act as directional buttons in menus
Version 1.3.24 (2011.05.01):
  • Improve auto-frameskip accuracy to prevent irregular speed on devices with refresh rates higher than 60Hz (G2x and others)
Version 1.3.23 (2011.04.23):
  • Initial release