If you'd like to support my open-source projects with additional funding via a one-time payment, please use the Amazon or below (type in any amount).

Important Note About Cydia:
Due to Paypal issues, all my Cydia store apps are temporarily unavailable. However, you can still obtain Cydia licenses by sending me total amount in USD of the apps you'd like via this page, and emailing your Cydia account number, Amazon transaction ID, & names of apps you want to info@explusalpha.com. I'll then grant the apps to your account when I get your email and let you know when you can download them. If you aren't sure how to find your account number, see this guide. Note that once your license is issued, the payment is non-refundable. Also make sure to include the word Cydia somewhere in your email to avoid accidental spam filtering :)

Price reference:
  • 2600.emu: $2.50
  • C64.emu: $4.00
  • GBA.emu: $4.50
  • GBC.emu: $4.50
  • MD.emu: $6.50
  • MSX.emu: $7.50
  • NEO.emu: $3.50
  • NES.emu: $5.50
  • NGP.emu: $4.50
  • PCE.emu: $3.50
  • iControlPad Update: $1.50