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Initial Setup:
  • Download the VICE support & firmware files (last updated for version 1.5.43)
  • Select the file via Options -> System -> VICE System File Path, or place file into into the following default location based on your OS:
    • Android: root directory of external storage (usually /storage/emulated/0 or /sdcard)
    • iOS: /User/Media
    • Linux: same as C64.emu
C64-specific Options:
  • Main menu
    • ROM/Disk/Tape Control: Manually insert or eject various image files, additional device controls will appear here in future updates
    • Apply Quick C64 Settings: Select between 4 common video and disk drive emulation settings with a single command
    • Swap Joystick Ports: Needed depending on which port a specific game uses
  • Video Options
    • Crop Normal Border: When Border Mode is set to "Normal", try to crop as much of the border area as possible with affecting the aspect ratio, doesn't affect video timings
    • Border Mode: Set the C64 borders emulation (resets emulation when set)
  • Audio Options
    • SID Engine: Set SID chip emulation mode, FastSID or ReSID (sounds better and uses more CPU power)
  • System Options
    • C64 Model: Select between various NTSC/PAL models to emulate (resets emulation when set)
    • True Drive Emulation (TDE): More accurate but slower disk access
    • Autostart Handles TDE: Enables TDE automatically during the initial disk load if it's not already
    • Autostart Fast-forward: Fast-forwards emulation during initial disk load